Mariachis and Castles

Let’s start at the (almost) beginning, shall we? After what seemed the longest, grayest, bleakest winters (it wasn’t – I’m just not used to the non-stop gray skies here), I was feeling rather uninspired photography-wise when spring rolled around. Then one gorgeous day in May I went to Burgundy for a friend’s mother’s wedding and that kicked me into high gear for the rest of 2015. Not only was it in the beautiful French countryside, surrounded by rolling hills and wine, but the reception was in a castle! I’m still not quite used to the idea, even though castles seem to be around every corner here, so I was super thrilled.

The civil wedding took place in a tiny city hall that most people would easily pass by if they weren’t from the area. The entire wedding party squished themselves into the room while the mayor conducted his very first wedding ceremony. This was followed by a small cocktail around the corner (literally) and then a bigger reception in a castle that has belonged to the same family for 1000 years. It was definitely the first time I’ve seen disco lights and medieval tapestries in the same place.

It was a French/Mexican wedding, so the event mixed both cultures to make a pretty spectacular weekend. There was wine, champagne, foie gras and even a mariachi band that changed outfits several times.

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