Portraits in Paris: Daniel & Bettsy

After coming all the way from Peru, Daniel and Bettsy were travelling around Europe and took a few days to visit Paris. They met me bright and early for a portrait session and – hallelujah! – we got some good weather and sunshine (if you’re wondering why I was so excited about that, it’s because we’ve had a fairly miserable spring here – coldĀ temperatures and record rainfall).

When we got to the Louvre Pyramid, we were a bit disappointed to find that there was some sort of a construction project and they were covering it up (read more about that here). Thankfully, we were able to get some pieces of it in the photos while avoiding all the machines.

I did a little digging and found out that this “cover up” is actually an art installation that is meant to make the pyramid “disappear” so that we can see all the beautiful building behind it. I’m a big fan of this idea since tourists seem to completely forget about everything around the pyramid, not noticing all the details and craftsmanship that went into building this palace.












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