Portraits in Paris: Lindsay & Steve

I think you’ve heard me complain a lot about this year’s sad excuse for a summer. Rain, cold, wind, and clouds (oh and did I mention the biggest flooding in a hundred years?) These aren’t really easy conditions for outdoor portraits, but luckily, Paris makes up for it with some of the most photogenic architecture that looks good no matter what the weather is like.

That brings me to Lindsay and Steve, who are originally from Canada (an hour away from my hometown) and Lindsay is actually a photographer herself. They were visiting family in the Netherlands and took a one day trip to Paris for her birthday. After a last-minute photographer cancellation, she asked if there was a photographer available in Paris for a maternity photo shoot. Two days later, we met by the Eiffel Tower to start taking pictures. It was a rainy day, but Lindsay and Steve were such troopers the whole time. At 7 months, Lindsay chose a beautiful pink dress to show off her baby bump and even though she had to wring it out throughout the shoot, we were able to get some gorgeous photos.








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